Friday, April 4, 2008

Strawberry + Banana Dessert

They say that Bangkok is known for its super sweet and super-sized fruits. My tita Lori told me that she brought home lanzones for my lolo one time and he loved it! They're bigger and a lot sweeter than the ones he usually buys in San Pablo Laguna. Pat also mentioned to me once that when she ordered a fresh fruit shake, they put salt instead of sugar because the fruits are too sweet and the salt is supposed tone the sweetness down.

Honestly, I'm not too thrilled with the fresh fruit news. I'd actually be more excited if they told me that the chocolates and cakes here in BKK are super-sized and super cheap. Anyone close to me would know that I'm not a big fresh fruit person.

However, Richard and Alyannah love fresh fruits so I have no choice but to include that in my daily menu. I really don't know how to pick the good ones so it's Richard's job to do that. He bragged to me before that his lola Gunding trained him well in the kitchen. Not only did she teach him how to cook, but she would also bring him to the market with her. Interesting...I'll remember that when I'm having a tamad day. I'll trick him into showing me what his lola taught him when the truth is, I'm just too lazy to cook! Ha!

When Richard and I went to BKK last February to meet with the realtor to pick an apartment, it was strawberry season. They'd put strawberries on anything! Breads, cakes -- I even saw one spa that was offering fresh strawberry scrub! I was amazed at the size of the strawberries! They're like two (2) inches tall! I remembered how much Alyannah loves them so when we got back home, I promised her that we will buy strawberries when we return.

Today, I made Alyannah's favorite strawberry dessert. I got this recipe from my tita Lori. She prepared this for us when we were in Baguio and everybody loved it! It's a very simple recipe -- think fruit salad with only two (2) kinds of fruit. Here's what you need:
  • fresh strawberries - first you take off the leafy top part, wash and cut in halves or quarters (depends on how big or small you want them)

  • fresh bananas - cut into rings (up to you again on how thick you want the rings)

  • cream

  • condensed milk

Directions: In a bowl, mix together the strawberries and bananas...

...add cream and sweeten with condensed milk. Chill in the refrigerator and serve!

Love the color of the strawberries!

For me, anything with cream is a winner!

Ok, let's see...


I love it, mom!

One time when we were in Tagaytay, I made one for Yan. Before taking a bite, she told me "wow, mommy! Ang sarap naman nito! Thank you, mommy!" That's how appreciative my little girl can be. It warms my heart whenever she shows me she's excited with my cooking. She inspires me to cook more.

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