Thursday, April 3, 2008

Krisan's Sprained Foot

The shopping gods must be playing a joke on me. Just when I was thinking of ways to organize our closet to give space for my future purchases, I get a sprained foot. How can Yan and I do any shopping now? Baka pinagdarasal ni Richard na hindi muna kami makapag-shopping and the gods heard him. Haha!

Hmmm...that explains why my husband's hands were shaking when he handed me my credit card. He gave me one so that I'll have something to use here in Bangkok in case of emergencies, although we never got clear on the emergency part. For example, if let's say, I enter a mall and discover that they're having a sale -- shoes and bags at 50% off -- and today is the last day, does that count as an emergency?

I wish my best friend Pat were here with me. I'm sure she'd do the same thing and I wouldn't feel too guilty -- kasi mas marami pa syang bibilhin kesa sakin!!

Anyway, back to my sprained foot. I probably got this in Manila when I was having my baking marathon during Holy Week. I was baking everyday for an entire week! That means I would stand for long periods of time and I only get to sit once the goodies are in the oven. It started feeling funny back then and it just got worse when I got here. Perhaps the stress of doing the laundry for the first time triggered it. Looks like my Havaianas are not doing a very good job of keeping my feet comfy (whatever happened to "buttery soft" Brazilian rubber?). Looks like I will have to buy a better pair! [new entry on shopping list: look for comfy pair of sandals]

I can still function normally though, but will less speed. When my daughter saw me having difficulty walking to the kitchen the other day, she told me that she'll stay at home to take care of me while her dad goes out to buy me medicine. How sweet is that? She deserves a small gift for that. [another entry on shopping list: gift for Yan for being a good girl!]

I really hope that my foot heals asap. Otherwise, Yan and I will be stuck inside our apartment. Kung walang pasyal, we won't have any stories to post here!


pat said...

A 5o% SALE sign definitely counts as an emergency (sorry, Richard)! Lalo na pag 70% off ang nakalagay, mas kasama ng heart palpitations... So can you just imagine pag MOVING OUT SALE or EVERYTHING MUST GO ang nakalagay?!!! Right Kris?!!

Naalala ko tuloy yung pagmamadali natin to prepare for Bianca's party, galit kunwari kasi late si Fids... and we ended up being more than an hour na late.... 50% off kasi sa BAYO. Emergency yun, so we really had to go! HAHA!

Domestic Goddess said...

I remember that! Nakalimutan na natin gutom natin kasi na-distract tayo ng 50% sale.

Pag nakakita tayo ng mga sale sale na yan, bumibilis talaga lakad natin. Mabait lang talaga tayo kasi pag sinabing EVERYTHING MUST GO, tinutulungan lang natin sila. HAHA!

pat said...

Atleast helpful talaga tayo by nature, diba! Hahahahaha.