Sunday, April 13, 2008

Balloon and Clown Show at Central World

When my husband is working in the office and there are no household chores scheduled for the day, Yan and I explore the city on our own. While other people tour historical landmarks to appreciate the country's culture, I tour the malls and appreciate the merchandise. But that doesn't mean I don't visit tourist spots at all -- I do, but while other people ooh and aah over the scenery, I ooh and aah over what's being sold at the souvenir shop. My other bestfriend, Ria, knows about this because whenever she would invite us to go trekking or mountain climbing with them, I'd tell her that I will just wait for her at the nearest souvenir shop. I'd rather walk around the mall all day than climb a mountain for an hour!
For last Thursday's exploration, Yan and I went to Central World Mall and got a pleasant surprise -- the mall was having a big show/exhibit called the Bangkok Balloon and Clown Show! They had balloon displays, balloon artists, a fashion show, a clown show and party food carts.

They had a fashion show of gowns made entirely of balloons. I first saw this in the email that Pat sent me so I was thrilled to see it in person!

Here's a wedding gown made of balloons. Such creativity!

Cute clown!
Look up!
Balloons make me feel light and happy!
We didn't understand what this duo was saying but they made Alyannah laugh! Siya yung pinakamalakas tumawa sa mga bata dun.
That's my girl enjoying the show.
The highlight of our day was when a balloon artist gave Yan a balloon bouquet. I had to make a small donation first though, but it was for a good cause and the smile on Yan's face was priceless!
Good thing there was an event at the mall that day because I didn't find anything great about Central World Mall. It's a lot bigger than Siam Paragon, but it's harder to navigate -- I couldn't understand the mall directory! They didn't have any sale on so I was a bit disappointed because I wasn't able to buy anything. But I'm glad we saw that balloon and clown show because Yan really enjoyed it.


pat said...

You saw the balloon fashion show live?! Galing? Super nice in the email i'm sure better in person! Kaya ng powers mo gumawa ng ganung balloons? hehehe.

Domestic Goddess said...

Galing ng fashion show! May mga bata pa na naka-gown din. We were on the 2nd floor kaya top view lang yung pics na nakuha ko. Galing din ng balloon sculptures nila. Pero super mahal. One stall was selling balloons shaped like tweety bird, etc. for 350baht! Kaya swerte ni Yan she got an entire bouquet for 20baht donation.

Ronnie said...

I think I made that bunch of balloons.