Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Air Freight Package is Here -- Finally!

Our package has finally arrived!

This is just the air freight, though. I'm still waiting for our sea freight which includes my kitchen knives. I can't function well in the kitchen without my own knives. The apartment is provided with utensils, pots and knives, but it's still not the same with my own set. Normally, I would have rushed to the nearest mall to buy me a new one but I'm trying not to do any shopping for now because I want to fix the house first and see how much space I have left for my future purchases. We only live in a two-bedroom apartment and to anyone who has seen me pack for my family on a weekend trip can only imagine how a two-year trip is going to be like. I was beginning to worry where I will be keeping our stuff during our stay so imagine how I felt when I found out that there's an extra storage room in our apartment. It's like getting a foot massage after a 6-hour shopping trip - RELIEF!

No one is happier with the arrival of our package than Alyannah because her birthday gifts came with it. I'm happy too because it takes her mind off the playground for a while so she won't be making me kulit to accompany her there for a while -- or until she loses interest in them.

Richard's uniforms are also here so at least I won't be pressured to do the laundry if he's running out of clothes to wear. Yey!
Time to start unpacking!

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