Friday, April 4, 2008

Laundry Update

I'm proud to say that I'm becoming more confident with doing the laundry. Guess that's what happens when you do it everyday. You might be wondering why I have to do it that often. You'll be surprised at how much laundry we accumulate in a day! Or maybe we just need a bigger hamper?

Ofcourse, I still have some nail biting moments like the time I washed the Lacoste shirts together with our jeans. When I mentioned it to my husband that night, he kinda panicked so I told him right away that ofcourse I didn't put them together! I was just kidding! Hey, all I know is you're supposed to separate the whites from the coloreds. So it's safe to put colored shirts and jeans together, right? Thankfully, nothing bad happened to the shirts. I actually have a back-up plan in case something bad does happen -- I'll just run off to the nearest Lacoste shop and get a replacement! Hehe!

It's not just my laundry skills that improved in the past week -- our sampayan is new and improved as well!

Here's the old sampayan....

...and the new improved more sosyal sampayan!
Hindi na sya masyadong nakakahiya pag nakita ng mga kapitbahay namin. Hehe!

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