Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alyannah's School Update

She's in!
We went to New Sathorn International School (NSIS) yesterday to submit Alyannah's requirements and she's now officially a student! Yey!!
We paid for the application fee (Thb20,000 -- ang mahal! Good thing TMAP-EM's paying for Yan's tuition or else goodbye shopping!) to secure the slot. I had to use my credit card though because the company has yet to process the payment. With only five slots remaining, we had no choice! The school will reimburse us anyway once we give them the full payment from Toyota.
Tony took us to the K2 classroom so that Yan can meet her future classmates. I'm proud to say that my little girl was not afraid to mingle -- she said hi to everyone she met! Her social skills have greatly improved (thanks to Kidcore, teachers Dee and Manet!). She's no longer shy, she's more talkative, she can express herself better -- a far cry from the girl that I met last year. She also met Ms. Sharon, her future Kinder3 teacher.
The NSIS staff are very friendly and accommodating. No less than the Deputy Executive Director himself, Mr. Walter Wright, was there to give us a hand. He's a nice fellow - reminds me of the actor James Cromwell. Hehe!
Yan will attend summer school starting 09 June to 04 July. Then, the first semester will begin on 18 August.
Big thank you's go out to our friends in Manila for helping us with Yan's requirements. Thank you, Pat for bringing the transcript to TMP! Thank you, Tony and Venus for getting Yan's medical certificate from Dr. Crespo and for sending the docs to Thailand. It's great to have great friends like you :)


Diwata said...

HAVE FUN IN THE BIG SCHOOL ALYANNAH! I am sure that you will make us all proud. I MISS YOU...

Tr Dee

Domestic Goddess said...

I miss you too teacher Dee!

Love, Alyannah

pat said...

You're sooo welcome. Glad to hear Yan has a school na. Social being na talaga ang anak mo....I'm sure she will have friends agad. I hope to see more pictures of Alyannah in school.

Domestic Goddess said...

Of course! Will update everyone. I can't wait to see her in uniform! Super excited na sya. Always saying that she will show lola Aple and Lolo Bernie her new school.