Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Addicted to Hotpot

Our first hotpot experience as a family was at Healthy Shabu-shabu in ATC. Richard and I thought that it would be a nice experience for Alyannah and she loved the idea of cooking her lunch on the table! From then on we were hooked. Good thing that there are plenty of restaurants here in Bangkok that have hotpot. I noticed that there are a lot of Japanese and hotpot restaurants in the malls. Looks like Thais have a thing for these two.

We had hotpot for dinner last Saturday at the the MBK mall (can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it's at the 5th floor near the food court), eat all you can for only Thb280 per person and Thb140 for kids. Sinulit talaga ni Richard yung bayad! He kept ordering beef and fish. If I didn't tell him to stop ordering, he wouldn't stop! It's healthy naman daw since you just boil the meat in the broth. Sure it's healthy, but three orders of beef?!

The next day, we went to Central World Mall after hearing mass and guess what we had for lunch? Hotpot again! This time, at MK Gold restaurant and I must say that their broth tastes better! We brought our camera along so we can share our hotpot experience with you.

I like MK Gold because they're kid-friendly.

Check out the kiddie plate.

We ordered the Gold set, which consists of prawns, prawn dumplings, MK balls, seaweed roll, pork and salmon cake. Another thing that I like about this place is the waiters take your order using a pda, which takes the info straight to the kitchen in zero time. Hindi pa nakakaalis yung waiter, dumarating na yung food. Perfect if you're super hungry.

We also got grape juice...

...and mango juice. Now, let's cook!

First, you wait for the broth to boil...

...when the broth is ready, you can start adding the meat, seafood, balls, etc.

There are different arguments on the right way to cook hotpot. Some people say that you should put in the ones that take longer to cook first then leave the veggies for last. Others put everything all at the same time. For the Valdez family, the only rule is dump everything all at the same time and consume immediately. Haha!

Let's dig in!
Check out the lights... changes color.

Busog na kami!

Simut sarap!

As an added bonus, the waiter gave me a discount card. Yey! Looks like we will be coming back to MK Gold for more hotpot adventures!

This brings me back to the days when I used to work at Highlands. My officemates and I would often eat shabu-shabu at the Golfer's Lounge and those were really good times! So when the nyoras come over to visit me here in BKK, I'll take them to MK so we can relive our good old Highlands days. Hope to see you soon girls!

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