Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eating Dinner, Bangkok Style

Back in Manila, my bestfriend Pat would always tell me that cooking is optional here Bangkok. Thais would just go out to eat since the food here is really cheap. I guess eating out is the most natural thing to do since you can find a restaurant or food vendor in every corner.

With that in mind, I decided to surprise my husband with a nice restaurant dinner. Truth be told, I was just lazy to cook dinner. Hehe! Indeed, he was surprised when I told him that we're going to eat out. Haha! Maybe he was expecting to come home to a nice homecooked meal, but we're having none of that tonight!

Good thing his driver was still in the hotel parking the car. Yes, Richard now has a driver and a new silver Altis for a company car! So we went to Siam Paragon -- it's the only mall we know that's open until 10:00pm, and had dinner at Fallabella.
On way to Siam Paragon in daddy's new car!
This time with mommy. Nasisilaw si Yan sa flash kaya sya nakapikit.
Gutom na kami!
We ordered mom's favorite pasta arrabiata...
...and lasagna for me. We also got hawaiian pizza, but we were too busy eating by then so we forgot to take a picture.
Traffic jam, Bangkok style.


pat said...

Your next project should be street food! Parang Italian dinner yun in BKK nga lang! The longganisa na grilled is sooooo good!

Oh gosh, i miss na tuloy our food trips with a superb dessert ending....

Domestic Goddess said...

I have to admit, medyo takot ako sa street food kasi baka magka-hepa ako or masira tyan ko. Hehe! But I know that my BKK stay won't be complete without trying it.

I can just imagine our food trip when you come over to visit! Parang wala ng main course and dessert all the way! Haha!