Saturday, April 5, 2008

Alyannah's First Train Ride

Today we're taking Yan on her first train ride! Our destination: Siam Square. One website described this area as "one of the most intense and best shopping areas in Thailand". Oooh! This is the first time I've heard of describing a mall as intense. Sounds like a place for some really serious shopping! Let's go!

From Oakwood, we took the shuttle that dropped us off at the nearest BTS Sky Train Station. Then, we go up a looong flight of stairs - no escalator in sight!

Yes! We made it!

Serious shopping needs some serious dressing. So I made sure that Yan's outfit will keep her comfy (since we will be doing a lot of walking) and stylish at the same time. I made her wear her favorite pink suede boots, her rock n' roll shirt and a colorful pair of pants. I stashed an extra shirt and a photocopy of her passport with our Oakwood address in her backpack -- just in case she gets lost, but that will never happen since I made her wear her Safety First leash. Paranoid much?

First, we need to buy a train ticket.

Galing ni Yan! She looks so independent in this picture.

Then, you take another flight of stairs...

Hay, pagod na kami!

This is where you wait for the train.

Here it comes!!

I'm inside the train now! Thank you, Mr. Thai for giving me your seat! (Thais give high regard to children in their society that's why they will give up their seats for them)

So this is what it's like to be on a train!

We get off at Siam station, and take an escalator going down...

...down again on another escalator. Teka, bakit kung kelan pababa may escalator? Dba dapat pag-akyat yun?
Wow! Sa train station pa lang may sale na! Mom can't wait to hit the mall!
Yey! I survived my first train ride!


pat said...

Luv alyannah's boots! Yan ba yung nasukahan niya?! hahaha. I like your white top! That'd from here pa in manila? Naaayyy!!!!!! ang laki ng sign na 50% off. Buti hindi ka nahimatay!

Domestic Goddess said...

Correction, naihian hindi nasukahan. Hahaha! I bought my top from Plains and Prints - they have nice items there and cheap lang. I bought a similar top for Yan at Zara Kids - white rin na puff sleeves. 250 baht lang! Para twins kami. Hehe!

pat said...

AY oo nga pala, naihian! hihihi. Will check out plains and prints... ang mura naman, 250 baht lang!!!