Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Richard's First Day at Work

Today, 01 April 2008, is Richard's formal assignment at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TMAP-EM for short).

The plant is an hour's drive away from our place. There's a shuttle that picks up all TMAP-EM employees residing in Oakwood at 6:40am (7:40am in Manila). So as early as 5:30am, Richard was getting ready for work. Yes, my husband is as punctual as the Japanese! He's been working in Toyota for 13 years and he's never been late. They start work at 8:15am, but he's in by 8:00am. If you accumulate tardiness of 60 minutes in a month, you'll be suspended. I always tell him that if I were to work in Toyota, I'd be fired on my first week! Baka nga on the first two days pa lang one hour na late ko. Haha!

Good luck, Sweetie on your first day! Go and kick some ass!

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