Saturday, April 5, 2008

Krisan Gets a Taste of Serious and Intense Shopping at Siam Paragon

The 50% off sign at the train station got me all fired up so I was inside the mall in no time, dragging Alyannah with me. Good thing my girl is trained in these situations being my constant shopping companion. We arrived at Siam Square at exactly 12:00 noon so we thought of eating lunch first. We need lots of energy for serious and intense shopping! So we head first to the Gourmet Market at the ground floor.

I love the Gourmet Market! It has food everywhere! Cakes, breads, chocolates, ice cream -- the list goes on. It also has a supermarket, restaurants with different kinds of cuisine and a food court.

My idea of heaven -- endless rows of dessert!


There are so many cakes on display that it was hard to choose just one! So I settled for this stall, Ms. Sasa, because they had a promo -- buy 3 cakes get 1 free! Cool!

Yan got an Oreo cake...

...while I chose praline cake, new york cheesecake, and almond praline cheesecake.
After eating, we went up to the shops. You will find all the luxury brands at the ground floor - Gucci, Cartier, Emporio Armani, et. al. No use wasting our time and energy here since we can't afford these brands anyway, so we went straight to the department store where Lacoste was having a huge sale! It was a crazy sale -- I got flip flops for 600 baht. The roundneck shirts were only 1,000baht. We got Yan 2 shirts for only 700 baht each! Richard went on a spree! We probably spent more than an hour in that single area (but I only got a pair of flip flops because nothing would fit me!). You'd be nuts not to buy anything! If my dad were there, I know he's go on a spree too! He really knows a good buy when he sees one.
All that shopping made us hungry so we went to McDonald's for a quick snack.
Got myself a Paragon Prestige Card -- 5% off on all the shops in Paragon, the Emporium and The Mall. Now, I'm a certified Bangkok shopper!

Siam Paragon is actually a high-end mall -- why would they think of putting a Lamborghini and Maserati showroom inside if they didn't think their customers could afford it? But the place is packed! And they're not just window shoppers because almost everyone is carrying a paper bag. Now I know what the website meant. Lintik mag shopping ang mga tao dito! Serious and intense indeed!


pat said...

OMG! The rows and rows of cakes! Yum! And shopping to death talaga! My mom and pau are Lacoste fans so inggit talaga! Cheap to shop diba! and intense talaga!

pat said...

Eating before shopping? Sounds like al of our trips to divi. Kahit pressed for time, kain talaga muna! haha!

Domestic Goddess said...

Without the sale, mura na talaga ang Lacoste. Yung clasic shirt na for kids is like mga 1k lang. Imagine pa when it's on sale!! Kakaloka talaga.

Talagang you need to eat first before you go shopping para d masira ang momentum. Ang pangit ng feeling when you suddenly go hungry dba? D mo tuloy alam kung kakain ka muna or mamaya na hanggang sa mahilo ka na talaga sa gutom. Haha!