Friday, April 4, 2008

At Long Last, Our Sea Freight Package is Here!

Sa wakas, dumating din.

I can finally fix our house! The rest of our clothes are here, Alyannah's toys are also complete. My beloved kitchen utensils are here as well.

Oh, and another pleasant surprise --I almost forgot that we also brought along our Magic Sing! Now I can dazzle (or terrorize?) our neighbors with my own version of "These Dreams", "Betty Davis Eyes" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart". I will even throw in Madonna's hits as an encore. Haha!

Yey! My toys are here!

Which one will we open first, mom?

Look, mom! They gave us a free cutter!

After all that delay, and all we get is a free cutter?! Oh well...

I can't wait to open the boxes and put our stuff on the shelves. We will definitely feel more at home in our new apartment with our own possessions.


pat said...

Ay...kakatakot, nagbaon ka talaga ng magic sing! May banyo queen ba?! hahahahaha.

Domestic Goddess said...

Walang banyo queen pero may ulan by aegis. hahahaha!!!

pat said...

Pwede na rin yun! Bwahahaha.