Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Hidden Talent of Thai Women

They say that when you're at the mall, you can tell if a woman is a local or a foreigner just by looking at her shoes because Thai women wear heels while foreigners and tourists wear sandals or flip flops. How these women manage to walk around the mall in high heels still baffles me. It's a talent! Seriously, it's like going to the gym in heels! At least for me, because I consider shopping as a form of exercise. Come to think of it, it is my only exercise. Ha!

There's nothing wrong with wearing high-heeled shoes. In fact, they are one of man's greatest inventions. They add extra inches to your height, they make you feel and look sexy, they make your legs look longer and they add that extra oomph to any oufit. What more can you ask for? I used to love wearing high heels. I remember when Charles and Keith had a crazy sale in ATC years ago -- shoes for Php500-800 -- I bought five pairs! I believe that it's my duty as a consumer to take full advantage of these promos. Especially the kind that's hard to come by. Nowadays, Charles and Keith only gives 10-15% discount at most.
Then I discovered the comfort of wearing flip flops and flats. I went crazy over these too. They're perfect for shopping marathons, giving you the extra mileage vs. high heels. If you had a shoe for every activity, like rubber shoes for sports, work boots for well, working, then you must wear flats or flip flops for shopping.

Yesterday, I tried putting myself in their shoes (literally and figuratively) by going to Paragon mall in heels. I traded my beloved flip flops for my new Thb250 1-inch suede round toe shoes that I bought from Platinum Mall. As expected, my feet hurt like hell. To make matters worse, my right heel broke when we were on our way to the taxi stand. I stepped on a crack and the rubber end of my heel got stuck in it. I'm not sure if I can still have it fixed. Haven't seen any shoe repair shops here ala Mr. Quickie. Besides, it might be cheaper to just buy another pair at Platinum Mall. Again, I find myself in a situation where I'm glad I bought duplicates (have another pair in purple!). With this predicament and the taxi situation that I posted earlier, I was definitely having a moment that should be making me cry. What kept me going was the fact that these are cheap shoes (no wonder they broke that easily! Wore them only twice!).

Bye bye heel!

Bye bye shoes :(

Thai women should be admired for being able to shop in high heels. As for me, that's probably the first and last time I will be wearing heels to the mall.


NotASinnerNotASaint said...

Agree!!!! Pero tignan mo paa nung iba. puro kalyo.

Domestic Goddess said...

Haha! Malamang! Ang hirap kaya maglakad ng malayo at matagal na naka heels! May nakasabay ako sa taxi stand three inches pa yung sapatos nya and isang oras kami nakatayo dun pero parang ok lang sa kanya.