Thursday, April 3, 2008

Surprise for Richard

To celebrate my husband's promotion, Yan and I decided to give him a surprise. So, after doing the laundry, we headed to Central Rama 3 to buy things that we need. Even with a sprained foot, the call of shopping is hard to resist! Besides, we have a good reason to shop today -- it's for Richard!

First, we need to get him a gift - something that he can use everyday when he goes to work. I've been wanting to give him a new wallet. I just can't make him part with his old one because he said it's his "lucky wallet". I'd tell him that his wallet might scare the luck away because it really needs to be replaced. Yan and I went to Lacoste because Pat's mom, tita Baby, told me that the Lacoste here is way, way cheaper than in Manila. It is cheaper, but I didn't like the styles available so we decided to go inside the department store and look for perfume instead.

Choosing a nice perfume is a lot harder than I thought! I'd ask Yan for her opinion, but she she likes all of them! Not much of a help there. Besides, Richard can be a bit picky when it comes to his perfume. Aside from his wrist watches and Lacoste shirts, he also collects perfume. Once when we were at the airport waiting for our flight back to Manila, we hung around the duty free shops. I gave him a couple of suggestions for perfumes but he bought a different one instead. So scrap the perfume idea.

Looks like we'll just have to stick to the Lacoste shop to be safe. Besides, I know his size so it shouldn't be so difficult. Yan and I finally decided on giving him a black belt. I remember he mentioned to me the other day that he needed a new one. Great! So we have something that he can use everyday, and it's something that he will like.

Next stop is the supermarket at the ground floor. I'm planning to make cream of potato and leek soup (Richard is a soup person) so I need to buy leeks and chicken broth. I also have pork tapa (I had to maximize the only condiments that I have at home -- soy sauce and vinegar!) that's marinating in the ref and ready to fry. So, tonight's menu will be, cream of potato and leek soup, pork tapa and steamed rice. Yum!

Of course, no celebration is complete without dessert. Yan and I bought ice cream cake at Dairy Queen. Apparently, Thais seem to have a thing for ice cream cake because they have it everywhere you go -- Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs. Magkakatabi pa ang mga ice cream shop dito.

Now that we have everything we need, it's time to head back home and wait.
Alyannah fell asleep while waiting so when it was time to give the gift to her dad, medyo may sumpong pa sya that's why she won't smile in the picture.

Thank you, Yan! (may sumpong pa rin)
The smile on his face says it all...
Time to bring out the ice cream cake!!
Looks good!
This ice cream cake is named "cool pizza". It was Yan who chose this one.
Ice cream cake monsters!

It really doesn't take much to please my husband. He's mababaw! Even a small surprise note written by Yan tucked inside his bag is enough to make him happy. But he deserves more than just a note. He works hard for our family, and he always makes sure that Yan and I get the best in everything. For that, he deserves only the best from me and Yan. We love you, sweetie!


pat said...

The cake looks yummy!!!!! Where ever in the world we are talaga..... we have to have our dessert!! haha.

So, is my mom right? Mas mura Lacoste in BKK?

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh yes, tita Baby is right. I saw a pair of slip ons na 2,500 baht lang. I'm sure that's almost double the price there.

Cake is yummy indeed! Inside there's a cookie crumble layer that looks like oreo but tastes like milo! The bottom layer is chocolate ice cream. The best part is, the white part that you see is reduced fat vanilla ice cream. Dba less guilt?