Friday, April 4, 2008

My Husband the Chef

Richard took a leave today because he's supposed to help me unpack our things and fix the house. But we were able to finish everything last night; I started unpacking the minute the Nippon Express guys left the apartment, and he helped me with the rest after we ate dinner. So we planned to take Yan to the Sky Train in the afternoon.

With yesterday's unpacking and this morning's work (I practically stayed inside the kitchen all morning making breakfast, doing the laundry, washing dishes and cooking lunch!), I was exhausted by lunch time. I asked Richard if we can take Yan to the Sky Train tomorrow instead because I need to rest.

I probably looked so kawawa that my husband told me to rest and he'll take care of dinner. I have to admit that I was bit nervous with the thought of having him alone in the kitchen so I pretended to chat with him just so that i'll be nearby in case something goes wrong. I guess I was starting to hover over him -- like when he got frying pan, I told him to use the other kind. Then, when he was pouring oil, I was looking over his shoulder to see if he got it right. He started feeling uncomfortable so he threw me out of the kitchen -- in a nice way ofcourse. Again, he told me to relax and leave everything to him. Ok, I mean what can go wrong with making fried chicken? So while he's frying away in the kitchen, I played Bounce Out on the computer to ease my worry.
The chef at work. Doesn't he look macho with the hot pink tongs?
Ooh, he remembered to use paper towel to drain the excess oil from the chicken. Smart move!

Looks yummy!

Let's call in the judges! My husband said we looked so scared daw in this photo. Like we're afraid to eat the chicken. Haha!

The verdict: the chicken was delicious! It was crunchy outside and juicy inside. Perfectly cooked!

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