Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Camera Upgrade

During our last beach trip, Richard and I noticed that most of the guests who were staying at the resort were using a digital slr (dslr). Then, when we went to the Snake Farm, we noticed that a lot of people were using dslr too. Nagmumukha tuloy kawawa yung Sony Cybershot camera namin. Hehe! We decided that it will be a good idea to invest in a dslr camera since we will be taking lots of photos anyway. So after saving enough money, an extensive online research, and with a little help (or was it a nudge?) from my buddy Marc, we finally replaced our old point-and-shoot camera with a new Canon EOS400D dslr! Yey!

Last Thursday, we went to Fotofile at MBK to buy the camera.

A couple of test shots before the purchase.

That's Richard signing the receipt. Ginagamit ko na yung camera pero hindi pa bayad! Haha!

Is that a look of relief or worry? Parang pinagpawisan sya ng malamig sa shot na to. Hehe!

I was super excited to use our new camera, and my first subject was none other than Alyannah, who gamely posed for mommy.

Yes, she was wearing a tiara (I wore that to an event once) when we went to MBK. Walang nakapigil sa kanya.

Richard took a couple of shots too.

More shots...parang nag-photo shoot na kami sa shop. Haha!

That's me registering our camera online.

Aside from Canon products, the shop was also selling ipods and imacs. While we were talking to the SA about our camera, mom and dad looked around the store. Then they were drawn to this ipod speaker. Maganda daw kasi tumunog (mom has a great ear for music talaga and she can tell a good speaker from a bad one). So they bought the Harman Kardon speakers and a new ipod nano.

They asked the SA to upload new songs on their ipod so they can use it right away.

Looks like mom and dad are happy with their new gagdet!

Napagod yata si Yan sa kaka-pose so we stopped by a coffee shop for a brownie. Richard took these shots while she was eating.

No trip will be complete without ice cream so we went to Dairy Queen before heading to the parking lot.

Shopping + new gadget + ice cream = a great day :)

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