Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alyannah's Weekly Timetable

In the Philippines, we call it weekly schedule but here in Thailand, they refer to it as weekly timetable. As a hands-on mom, I had to get a copy of their weekly timetable so that I would know what to prepare for my daughter on certain days i.e., P.E uniform, bathing suit, etc. Here's a look at a typical day/week in summer school:
08:00-08:10 Homeroom
08:15-09:00 Circle Time & Language Arts
09:05-09:50 Music (Monday), Math (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)
09:50-10:10 Morning Snack
10:15-10:55 Math (Mon), Art (Tues), Crafts (Wed), Swimming (Fri)
11:00-11:45 Dramatic Play (Mon), Music (Tues), Cooking (Wed), Puzzle & Math Games (Fri)
11:45-12:25 Lunch
12:30-01:15 Thai (Mon), Reading (Tues), Explore Your World (Wed & Fri)
01:15-02:00 Story Circle (Mon), Computers (Tues), P.E (Wed), Music & Games (Fri)
Thursdays are field trip days. The students are required to wear their P.E uniform so that they can be easily identifed by the teachers.
This week, however, they will not be going on a field trip. Instead, they will be having a garden pool party and picnic at the school grounds. So today, I packed Yan's bathing suit (they call it swimming costume here), sunscreen, goggles, aqua socks, hat and towel in her new NSIS backpack. Can you believe I had to buy her a new towel because we didn't bring any? Hehe! The apartment provides towels and the housekeeping staff change them on a daily basis so we left all our towels in Tagaytay. Malay ko ba na may swimming sila eh Kinder pa lang!?
With Yan in summer school, I planned to go to the gym after I drop her off in school. So far, I've only been to the gym once (last Monday) but I have a good reason (or excuse?) -- the rubber shoes that I used last Monday are not good for walking because they gave me blisters. I need to buy a new pair (excuses, excuses!). For the meantime, I do household chores in the morning. Hopefully I can go back to the gym next week and start losing weight! I will come up with a separate post on my fitness program. That is, if I do end up going back to the gym. Hehe!


pat said...

Talagang shopping muna before gym!

Domestic Goddess said...

Of course! Hindi naman masyadong priority ang gym eh. Hahaha!