Friday, June 6, 2008

Team R&K

This is the artwork that our good friend Kerwin created for our wedding invite.

They say that the key to a successful marriage is teamwork. The husband and wife must work together for them to co-exist in harmony, which in turn, will lead to a long lasting relationship. Simply put, the husband, if he knows what's good for him, should always let the wife have her way. Kidding!
Living in another country with no friends and relatives -- and household help! -- has, by necessity, produced great teamwork between Richard and me. We have established a system of sorts that enabled us to run our household efficiently and more importantly, in peace. The last thing that we want to happen is for me to end up being masungit when I'm tired! Hehe! Our teamwork comes in many forms, some of which are: sharing the household chores and taking care of Alyannah's needs. Sometimes, Richard would volunteer to cook, wash dishes, or give Alyannah a bath. I usually don't let him, but on days when I'm up to my neck with laundry, ironing work and other household chores, he is my saving grace. Although we are slowly teaching Yan to do small things on her own like taking bath, spreading Cheezwhiz on her bread, dressing up, et. al., she still needs supervision. After all, supervising is a lot easier than cleaning up!
We will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in a couple of months (yey!), and so far, everything has been great for us. Of course, we still have our small tampuhans, but my husband has a way of making my tampo look funny so I end up laughing instead of getting mad. Indeed, I am very, very lucky to have a husband who is very patient, generous and who doesn't mind helping me with our household chores (haha!). I couldn't ask for more :)

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