Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Calendar of Activities for June

The Domestic Goddess is in full housewife and mommy mode! There are two things that I'm looking forward to this month:
  1. Aly will be starting summer school tomorrow, 09 June! That means, mornings in the Valdez household will be busier than ever, now that I have to attend to both my husband's and my daughter's needs. I wonder how it's going to be like now that we don't any maid. I hope it's not going to be too toxic for me! Cross your fingers!
  2. Richard will be celebrating his nth birthday next week on 20 June! I'm planning to prepare a small party for him and his office friends. Gosh, it's going to be another iron chef challenge for me since his office friends come from different backgrounds (there's a Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian and Japanese) so I have to come up with a foolproof menu that should be appealing to all of them. There's so much I need to do -- come up with a theme (that includes the menu), check with Oakwood for a nice outdoor venue that we can use, shop for ingredients and buy my husband a gift!

It would have been easier if we were in Manila, but being in a different country makes being a housewife, a mommy and a solo party planner more challenging. I get motivation from the fact that the more difficult and impossible the challenges may look like, overcoming them will be so much sweeter and a hundred times more fulfilling.

Will the Domestic Goddess survive these challenges? Visit the blog for updates!


Lhani said...

kaya mo yan ate!!!! ikaw pa ate eh the best ka!

Domestic Goddess said...

Thank you, Lan!

Naku, sana nga nandito kayo sa birthday ng kuya mo para masaya :)