Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is just around the corner -- although here in Thailand it's not until 05 December, the King's birthday -- so here's a shout out to all the daddies we know.


My dad -- A true family man, he made sure that his children get the best in everything. He never spoiled us, but he didn't deprive us of anything. My dad is the ultimate handyman -- there's nothing in the house that he cannot fix! My dad is crazy about my mom. They're always together and he doesn't go anywhere without her. He's also funny; my sister Angel and I are his biggest fans and we laugh like crazy at his jokes. He's the idol of my brothers and they want nothing in this world but to be like him. Alyannah adores my dad and she always wants to be beside her lolo. Dad, you're the best! I love you!

My father-in-law, daddy Roman -- He's a very patient man (something that Richard inherited from you), and he's very handy around the house. We hope to be able to visit you in La Union when we get back.

My lolo Pete -- Ever the doting grandfather, he never runs out of nice things to say to his grandchildren. He has a way of making you feel good about yourself. You can make something as trivial as a tuna sandwich and he will tell you that it's the best tuna sandwich in the world. Now that we are bigger, we try to give only the best to our lolo Pete and it's not even half of what he truly deserves for being a great lolo.

My lolo Erning -- He is the most generous person that I know. He always helps people who are in need, and that is why he has been blessed with so much. He gives so much to his family (really generous gifts) and yet he doesn't ask much in return. A simple thank you is enough to put a smile on his face. He loves being with his grandchildren (he has 16 apos + wives + husbands of his apos + their children), that's why family get-togethers turn into fun parties.

My titos -- tito Bobby, tito Toto, tito Danny and tito Eric.

Richard's titos -- tito Dingdong, tito Art, tito Pablito. tito Robert L., tito Ruben L., tito Lito V., tito Teewee V. and tito Jimmy,

Our Ninongs -- ninong Richard (my best-cousin Chi's dad), ninong Dazan, ninong Wowie and ninong Florentino F.

My cousin Chig -- you are doing a wonderful job with Gab and Moe.
Richard's cousin -- Popong and Kuya Boy.

Our kumpares -- Gerald and Tony.

Richard's officemates in TMP -- Sir Alex, Sir Bong, Sir Bobby, Mike, Den-den, Gani, Wendell, Al, Arnold, Lex, Ding, Gabby and Abdul.

Richard's officemates in Japan -- Koko, Mustafa, Zulnurain and Huang.

Richard's officemates in Thailand -- Surasak, Wuttipong, Ampol, Detchart, Low and Morgan.

Richard's friends -- Aldrin Candelaria, Epie Arawan, Nilo Tabamo, Rod Cruz, Lexbee Nones, Ricky Carlos, Wes Santos, Ton-ton Almazar, Ambo Ambrosio, Allison Cruz, Mark So and Ricky Alvarez


My sister and I promised ourselves that we will only marry someone who has our dad's traits because we admire the way he brought us up and how much he loved our mom. I'm proud to say that I married someone who has the same qualities as my dad, and for that, I know that there's nothing more to ask because I know I'm in good hands.

My husband works hard for our family, he spoils me and Yan like crazy. After a long day at work, he makes it a point to spend time with Yan, teach her how to read or watch over her while she brushes her teeth. Even when he's tired and dying to go to sleep, he never sleeps without our nightly kwentuhans. He shares his passion for books with Alyannah and that is one of the best lessons that he has taught her.

He is very generous not only to his family, but to my family as well. He is the most optimistic person that I know. He also has a solution for everything -- he will only take a short pause to think and he comes up with most brilliant ideas.

He always makes sure that Yan and I are living comfortably. He has always treated me like a queen, and Yan like a princess. That's why Sweetie, this father's day, you deserve to be treated like a king. We love you!

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