Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day + Our First Movie in BKK

We celebrated Father's Day with mass in the morning and the rest of the afternoon at Central World. It was simple, and yet very special because it was the first time that we watched a movie here in BKK (more on that as we go along).

Getting ready for church.

The church was having a fundraising event yesterday morning. They were selling pre-loved books in exchange for a donation that will help send two kids to the World Youth Day in Australia. It was a nice treat (not to mention great bargain) for Richard because he absolutely loves books so we picked up a couple.

From the church, we headed to Central World and ate at Pepper Lunch.

Richard had the Salmon Pepper Rice Set.

I had the Hitokuchi Cut Steak Set.

Yan had the Hamburger Steak (minus the fried egg) Set.

The food at Pepper Lunch was good. The beef was tender and the portions are just right for the price. Yan liked her hamburger steak. Our tab was only THB600, but if you want to try the imported beef items, expect the bill to go up.

After lunch, it was time to watch Kung Fu Panda so we went to the cinemas on the 7th floor. Watching a movie in BKK is not cheap, but the cinemas are nice so ok na rin. Oh, and the restrooms are huge! Like 20 stalls huge so there are zero lines after the movie when everyone decides to take a bathroom break all at the same time! In my book, that is so worth my money. There are different kinds of cinemas that you can choose from, and the more comfortable the seats are, the more expensive they are. They have World Class (or was it first class?) with individual lazyboy seats at THB700 per person. They also have another kind with beanbags (THB300 per person) and day beds (THB1200 for one that's good for four persons). The seats look really comfy and sigurado masarap talaga manood ng movie dun kasi para kang nasa bahay. Kaso, baka makatulog ka naman sayang lang bayad mo. Hehe! We only went to the regular cinema with the individual seats for THB160 each. The more expensive tickets come with free drinks and popcorn (may class kasi), but with the regular cinema, KKB (no class kasi). Rates are also higher on weekends, but the ones that I wrote here are Sunday rates.

Alyannah still with Kung Fu Panda fever.

Kung Fu Panda is highly recommended! Super nakakatawa for both kids and adults -- heck, any movie with Jack Black in it is sure to be hilarious!

As we went around the mall, we bumped into the Toys "R" Us giraffe who was giving away chocolate bars to the kids.

Pati ang daddy nagpa-picture.

Before going home, we dropped by Auntie Anne's for our favorite snack -- Snow Sticks and lemonade!

It was a great Father's Day for us. Richard did not ask for any gift; all he wanted was for us to be together (as if naman naghihiwalay kami eh kami lang naman tatlo ang laging magkasama!). Being together and having fun as a family makes any activity, no matter how simple, very special. As Master Oogway said in the movie: "Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called present." In our case, there is no better gift that you can give to your loved ones than your...presence. Hehe!

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