Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm All Set!

I know that I have begun to settle into my new environment when: I have established a daily routine, have a "suki" supermarket where I can do my weekly grocery shopping, have found a church where my family can hear mass on Sundays, and most importantly, have found a salon where I can get a manicure/pedicure regularly. All that dirty work brought about by the household chores are starting to take its toll on my hands so the inner diva in me needs to be satisfied once in a while!

That's my constant salon companion in the orange shirt. Wala syang choice! She has to go with me kasi I can't leave her in the house all by herself naman. But she's very patient (basta kakikayan or shopping, hindi sya naiinip!) so as a treat, I would bring her to the playground after.
This manicurist is not the one who usually does my nails. I think my suki was on day-off that day. She was ok, but my suki is better.
They have lots of nail colors to choose from, and they use only OPI nail polish. It's a good brand because the polish doesn't chip off easily, and it stays on even after two weeks! Good for me, kasi I can have my mani/pedi every two weeks instead of every week. At least nakatipid ako. Hehe!

All Set Hair and Nail Dressing is located at Bangkok Garden, which is a five-minute walk away from our building. It's also beside Yan's school. Manicure and pedicure costs THB500. It's more expensive than the rates back home, but I looked around and this is the cheapest so far. The place is clean, the staff are very friendly, and they really show you that they get the tools from the sterilizer. At least dun manlang you get your money's worth na. Also, the manicurist's hands are very gentle (hindi ka mamu-murder) so you can relax.

Now that I'm all set here in BKK, I hope that soon I can learn to speak their language too. Pero medyo mahirap yata yun so for now, I will have to make do with these phrases:

Chuay taeng lep hai duay - Please give me a manicure.

Chuay taeng lep - thao hai duay - Please give me a pedicure.

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