Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Curse of the Kiddie Meal

My daughter is a total diva when it comes to eating. There are days when she will eat anything and there are also days when she's very picky about what she wants to eat. It can be very stressful and frustrating for both Richard and me, so on days when we don't want any drama, we make her eat the only meal on this planet that she will not say no to -- fried chicken. Obviously, we cannot let her eat fried chicken forever so we want to expose Yan to different kinds of food. An answered prayer came in the form of the morning snack and lunch that her new school provides. At least when she's in school, she cannot make angal like what she does at home. Plus, it's a lot easier when she's with other kids because they tend to copy each other. So, if all of them are eating pork or veggies, she'll be ganado to eat them too. Here is a sample of the items on their weekly menu:
Morning snack:
  • Sandwiches & cantaloupe melon,
  • Crackers with cheese & pineapple,
  • Cornflakes & dragon fruit.
  • Pasta with tuna and vegetables in tomato sauce, garlic toast, carrot & cucumber sticks.
  • Tofu soup, noodles with pork, steamed rice, bok choi.
  • Vegetable soup, fish in batter, mashed potato or steamed rice, cauliflower cheese.


  • Strawberry yoghurt,
  • Watermelon sorbet,
  • Vanilla ice cream.

At least I'm confident that Yan is eating right. I'm hoping too that my girl will say goodbye to fried chicken soon!


pat said...

Wow! I wish i could do this in KidCORE....Ha! wish lang talaga. Pero Yan really eats a lot when she's in school. At least she's used na to eating food served in school. . .

Domestic Goddess said...

Yeah nga Pat. Kidcore really helped her a lot. Her one year at Kidcore was like a practic round for big school talaga. She didn't have a hard time adjusting, and yun nga, she's used to eating food in school. Sa bahay lang kasi pwede sya umangal ng konti. Hehe! The things that they do in school is the same lang as Kidcore -- artwork, coloring, outdoor play, etc.

pat said...

Haha! Pang-international talaga kami eh. Bwahahaha. She really was ready na for big school. Credit to teacher Dee . . .

Domestic Goddess said...

Big thanks talaga to Teacher Dee! As I've said before, I share Alyannah's achievements with you because you helped me mold her into what she is now :)