Monday, June 2, 2008

Mom + Dad's Last Hirit in BKK

Last Saturday, mom and dad flew back to Manila. Gosh, their two weeks in Bangkok flew by so fast! I didn't want them to leave, but they can't stay on vacation naman forever.

Let me share one funny incident that made mom and dad's Bangkok trip truly memorable. There was a slight misunderstanding when we were paying for our purchases at Fotofile. Mom thought Richard paid for their new gadgets using his credit card, but he didn't so we left the store thinking that everything has been settled. We only realized it the next day when mom mentioned to me that she will just deposit the payment for the speakers to our account when they get home. I asked Richard if he did pay for them, but he said he only paid for our camera. Uh, oh... So we called the shop immediately and the manager said they were trying to get in touch with us (but we did not leave any contact number) because they forgot to charge us. It's funny because we probably stayed in their shop for more than an hour and they still forgot to ask for the payment! The SA must be super relieved that we called them. Can you imagine if he had to pay for it with his salary? Kawawa naman sya.

So last Saturday, we went to MBK first thing in the morning before going to the airport. When we got there, the manager was super happy to see us and thanked us endlessly for remembering to call them. They gave mom and dad an additional discount and they also gave each of us a new tshirt! Cool! At least now kilala na nila kami so it will be easy to ask for a discount when we buy an ipod for Richard on his birthday. Hehe!

From MBK, we brought mom and dad to the airport.

When I woke up that Saturday morning, I psyched myself for the moment when I have to say goodbye to mom and dad again. I thought that I wouldn't cry since we've been staying in BKK for more than a month already. Plus, we have a new camera so I have something to keep myself busy with -- a distraction so I won't miss them too much. But lo, and behold! I still cried -- no, I bawled the moment they entered immigration. When we were saying our goodbyes, I gave mom a tight hug and I told her that I love her. I gave dad a tight hug too. As they were about to enter immigration, dad turned around, paused for a while and said thank you to us. Gosh, dad! You didn't have to thank us! It was our pleasure to have you and mom here! But I knew it came from his heart and I was trying to blink back my tears because I didn't want them to see me cry. As soon as they were out of sight, it was hard to stop crying.
I asked my husband if we can drop by Index Living Mall in Bangna, hoping that I can leave my sorrows there. But it didn't work. You see, no amount of material things or shopping can replace being with family. So Richard and Yan tried to cheer me up with their hugs and kisses.
I really hate goodbyes, but I also learned that by saying goodbye, saying hello is more exciting and more fun to look forward to. I hope mom and dad enjoyed their stay and I'm looking forward to their next trip!

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