Monday, June 16, 2008

Krisan's Fitness Program

As promised, here is an update on my so-called fitness program:

Yesterday, I took the first step by buying myself a new pair of running shoes -- take note, I didn't just say rubber shoes. I said running shoes. Naks! I sound so athletic just saying that! The only pair of rubber shoes that I own, which I bought last year for our Mexican Olympics-themed Christmas Party, is no good because I got blisters when I used them. Hence, I bought a new one. At World Sports. On sale (told ya, anything the world sale on it is enough to give me a cardiac workout). It wasn't easy to buy nice rubber shoes -- okay, it was difficult only because the items on sale were not my type. Well, I did like one but they didn't have my size. Aargh! The ones that caught my eye are on regular price. Tsk...tsk...Cute rubber shoes on regular price or pwede-na-rubber shoes at 40% off? Hirap magdecide! But since I'm not yet a gym pro (nor do I intend to be), I decided to buy the one on sale. Besides, I don't think anybody looks fabulous when covered with sweat, even with cute rubber shoes! Plus, when I went to the gym last week, there were only two people around and I don't think they care what kind of shoes you're wearing. Basta, ang importante pumayat ako! Hehe!
Meet my new Reebok running shoes :)
Para naman daw ganahan ako, my dear husband bought me a new ipod shuffle and three new pairs of pants that I can use for the gym. Isn't he a darling? He said my new stuff should motivate me to go to the gym more often. That's his way of saying, wala na akong excuse for not going to the gym or, I will feel guilty if I don't go kasi sayang lang yung mga binili nya. Haha!
Well, he will be happy to know that I spent an hour in the gym this morning on three machines! Woohoo!! Looks like I'm off to a great start! Yey!

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