Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mom + Dad's Singapore Trip

Mom and Dad just got back from Singapore today! We were supposed to go with them, but Richard's schedule won't allow it so we had to stay in BKK. Here are some pics of mom and dad's trip...

We sent them off at Suvarnabhumi (pronounced su-wa-na-poom) airport last Sunday. Alyannah didn't want to say goodbye to lolo and lola. She cried when we left them. What more pa kaya when they fly back to Manila? I'm sure it will be a bigger drama kasi kasama pa ako sa iiyak. Haha!

The honeymooners (naks!) with Alyannah at BKK airport.

They stayed at dad's cousin, tita Lea's house in Singapore. I call her tita but she's just about my age. For their first pasyal, tita Lea brought them to IKEA. Mom said the items at IKEA were super cheap daw. She bought me a shoe rack and another rack with a nice design where we can put socks, neckties, etc. She bought a couple of stuff for her house as well. Mom wanted to buy more stuff sana pero mahihirapan lang daw siya mag-uwi nun sa Manila.

Gosh, look at all the pots and pans! And the canisters! Nakakagigil! Richard says I buy too much stuff for the house. Some of them we don't really need naman daw. But I'm a housewife, hello! It's my job to buy stuff for the house! When mom was making kwento about the stuff that she saw in IKEA, I was super jealous! Parang I wanted to book a flight to Singapore right away just to go to IKEA. Hehe!

Dad with his cousins (left to right) tita Lea and tita Kristine.

Lovers in Singapore. Hehe!

Mom and dad were very lucky to catch the ongoing sale at Singapore -- 50% at most items! So nag-shopping na naman sila.

Dad bought mom new bags: Limited Editon Burberry Tote at SGD400 (50% off) and Ferragamo Fiera Print Bag at SGD900 (50% off again!). Gosh, that's a super crazy sale! I'm so drooling over mom's new bags! Kakainggit!
Mom and dad also bought us pasalubong...
A new stuffed toy and chocolates for Alyannah.
Four new Marks & Spencer long-sleeved shirts for Richard.
And a new Guess Shadow Tote Bag for me! Yipee!! Perfect timing because I was thinking of buying a new bag the other day.
Thank you, mom and dad for the pasalubongs!

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Nat, Chi & Maku said...

inggit ako sa bags!!! so cheap!!! i wish i can go to singapore! tell ninang aple and tito bernie na bisita rin sila dito sa sydney!!! they're very welcome to stay with us! pero i dont think they can go shopping dito, sobrang mahal kasi!