Monday, June 9, 2008

Alyannah's First Day in Summer School

It wasn't as chaotic as I thought it would be, thanks to our little girl who did not give mommy and daddy a hard time. Alyannah gave us her full cooperation -- she woke up right away, she ate her pancakes with gusto, went through her bathroom ritual without any fuss -- all with enough time to spare for picture taking. So far, so good! Sana ganito kami tuwing umaga. Hehe!
Mommy, I'm ready!
I like the outfit that you prepared for me :)
Let's go!
Mom, hurry!
This is the way to my school. It's just a short walk from our apartment.
See? We're here already.
My new teacher, Ms. Heather, said that the other teachers are having a meeting so we still have a couple of minutes for picture taking.

This is the entrance to the lobby.
Behind me is the playground. I'm sure I will be spending a lot of time there with my new friends!
This is the door to my classroom. I will be taking the Kinder 2 class for summer.
Welcome to our classroom!
Meet my new classmates!

Time to explore and play with my new friends!
I love the toys here!
School was fun! Look at my artwork!

I was in full stage mommy mode as I tried to document every step of Yan's first day. Para akong paparazzi na nakabuntot sa anak ko. Come to think of it, I was the only mommy with a camera that morning! Haha!
Alyannah didn't need any warming up. She instantly felt at home -- as if she's been going to that school for years already. There was zero hesitation and shyness. Chinika nya agad yung teacher nya. Sabi nya, "I have many friends in the Philippines." She totally forgot about mommy the moment she stepped into the classroom! After she kisssed me goodbye, she immediately ran off to the nearest toy. I was the one with separation anxiety because I still lingered outside the classroom long after Yan kissed me goodbye. I just wanted to make sure that my girl is going to be ok.
Apart from separation anxiety, I also experienced a little bit of culture shock. The other mommies were looking all glamorous with their make-up and blow dried hair -- how they managed to look like this at eight in the morning is beyond me -- I was looking like a train wreck in my walking shorts, shirt and flip flops. While the other mommies were carrying designer bags, I was holding a red umbrella and a camera (buti na lang yung bago dala ko and hindi yung luma). Gone are the days when I would bring my daughter to school in my pajamas (sa Kidcore kasi ginagawa ko yun). Hehe!
Yan had a great first day in school. Heather told me that she was very active during circle time and she always had something to share (in other words, madaldal talaga si Yan -- oops, Aly pala). I have to admit that I missed my daughter today. The house feels lonely without her. Pag-uwi ko pa lang, na-miss ko na sya agad. But I know I have to let her go from time to time because that's the only way that she will be able to keep making mommy and daddy proud.


Diwata said...

WOW... ANG GALING TALAGA NI ALY... NAKAKATABA NG PUSO... I AM SOOOOOO PROUD OF HER. I AM ALSO SOOOO PROUD OF YOU,MOMMY KRISAN... To have the strength to let her go... hahahaha.... Ikaw ang nag karoon ng separation anxiety... Keep us posted please ...

Domestic Goddess said...

Yeah nga teacher Dee, I never thought I would feel that way! The teachers are impressed with Yan because she's very confident compared to the other new students who cried yesterday. And she's always excited to go to school. Actually, ganyan din sya sa Kidcore, malungkot sya pag walang pasok. Sabi nga ni Richard sana hindi magbago outlook nya towards school. Baka paglaki matuto na mag-absent (like the mommy!) and mag-cut ng class! Hehe!

pat said...

Love the pics! Paparazzi ka nga... Really looks like she enjoyed her first day....Ang galing talaga niya!

No picture of the mommy having separation anxiety? Haha.

Domestic Goddess said...

Hahaha! Walang picture kasi wala akong taga-kuha. Buti na lang kasi baka mukha akong kawawa. Haha!

Diwata said...

Curious tuloy ako to know if you went to school the next day all "glamed" up like all the the moms the day before. HaHaHaHa.... Complete designer things from head to toe!!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

My god! I wish I had designer stuff pero wala! Pero, this morning, naligo na ako before bringing Yan to school. Kahapon kasi no ligo. Hahaha!