Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Krisan's Fitness Program Update

It's the middle of the week and I am proud to say that I have been religiously going to the gym since Monday! No miss. As in. Woohoo!
This morning, I was tamad to go. It was raining when I woke up and the windows were all made me want to sink back in the goose down pillows, drown in the comforter and stay in bed all morning. How I wish, but I had to get my little girl ready for school and since I'm up already, might as well go to the gym. Plus, I also remember my support group from back home (my mom, my brother Jof and my cousin Erwin) encouraging me to go everyday and today is not a good day to let them down.
I'm not really a hardcore gym person. I try to make it fun and easy because once it becomes strenuous and painful for me, that would be the end of my fitness program. I had to mention that because this morning, while I was happily brisk walking (yes, walking not running!) on the treadmill to the tune of Jump by Madonna, the lady beside me was really going all out! She was running with matching incline pa! Yikes! That's complete torture! Sadista yung aleng yun! Ako nga naglalakad lang pero tagaktak na pawis ko kaya tama na yun.
I know that exercise is not enough to make me fit back into my old clothes soo, in my own little way, I'm making slight changes (notice how much I used various synonyms of small in the last sentence?) in my diet. First, I replaced some items with a healthier alternative. For example: for breakfast, I eat oatmeal instead of breakfast cereal. I also replaced my favorite Tim Tams (I am super addicted to the "world's most irresistable chocolate biscuit", that I used to buy it on a weekly basis!) with butter cookies -- okay, okay, before anybody would react, 100-calorie butter cookies is a lesser evil than the 1,000-calorie Tim Tams! To avoid more temptation, I've limited my mall trips in the past week because that's where all the ice cream, pretzels and yummy cakes are.
It may not seem much to others, but these baby steps are big leaps for me. In fact, I'm thinking of giving myself a reward if I make it through the week! Hmmm...a new pair of shoes perhaps? Better than a slice of cake because shoes do not have calories! I hope Charles & Keith is still having a sale by the end of the week!


Diwata said...

GO! GO! GO! keep it up mommy krisan!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hahaha! Thanks, teacher Dee!