Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

From Paragon, we split into two groups: one half rode with Richard in our car, while the other half took a cab with me. When we arrived at Suan Lum Night Bazaar, the first thing that they bought were Thai delicacies for pasalubong.

Shopping for spicy sampaloc and squid flakes for pasalubong.

Taking a shopping break with Tita K.

My dear husband and dear daughter taking a break too.

Shopping for souvenirs and more pasalubong.

Richard checking out the items.

Alyannah checking out the items too.

Rows of colorful bangles and other wooden items.

Caught in the act! Tita F and Tita B haggling with the souvenir vendor.

Ang hahaba ng nguso! Mukhang hindi nila nagustuhan ang asking price.

Vendor: Cheap-cheap already. I give you good discount. More expensive in other store.

France and Brenda: Ows, hindi nga?

Brenda: Sige na nga, I will buy na.

France: Hmmm...(pinag-iisipan pa)

My two loves.


Tuk tuk replicas made from recycled aluminum cans.


Thai ornaments.


The nyoras got a taste of spicy Thai food. We had dinner at one of the food stalls in Suan Lum.


First day palang suko na mga paa namin so Lette, Jeng and I decided to get a foot massage.


We did not totally enjoy the massage kasi ang ingay ng mga masahista! They were talking nonstop! Oh well...at least nawala yung sakit ng mga paa namin.

The girls enjoyed the pasyal in the malls, but they were more thrilled with the stuff that they saw at the Night Bazaar. Shopping at Suan Lum is more fun because you can haggle and getting the price that you want is like winning the jackpot. Hehe!

As for me, I was very happy with the slippers that I bought for me and Alyannah...

If you want shopping with local flavor, I would recommend Suan Lum. Sure, the malls are great for branded items, most especially when they have one of those crazy sales, but those brands can be found in other countries as well. So if you're looking for local products, your best bet would be the tiangge. Chatuchak weekend market is still my favorite, but if you don't have time to go there, Suan Lum is your next best alternative. Plus, since it's a night market, it's not as hot a Chatuchak. Suan Lum Night Bazaar is open everyday from 6pm to 12mn.

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