Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Nyoras Are Here!

...At may dala silang sangkatutak na pasalubong! Pero mamaya na yun...Let's begin the kwento with their arrival.

Their plane landed in Bangkok past midnight so they arrived in Oakwood at around two in the morning. Richard and I were waiting at the hotel lobby.

These ladies are one of the lucky few who were able to catch the Cebu Pacific seat sale. Tickets are super cheap, but the only catch is, your flight is at 9:20pm. Pero ok lang, because the savings that you get on your plane tickets can be used as extra shopping money.

I had a feeing that the girls will be very hungry when they arrive (I assumed that there will be no food on the plane since it's a seat sale and I was right!) so I prepared snacks for them. I was right again -- gutom nga ang mga nyora.

I prepared tuna spread on baguette with lettuce and cherry tomato. We also had nachos with salsa and creamy garlic dip.

Mamaya na ang chikahan...kain muna.

The Nyoras in Bangkok.

Kahit pagod sa byahe, we were still chatting until four in the morning. There was just so much catching up to do! But then we realized that we needed rest because we will be doing a lot of walking the next day.

Now, for my favorite part -- the pasalubong!!! Let's start with mom + dad's padala (thank you, tita F for bringing them!)

Hi-cut Chucks for Alyannah from Lolo Bernie + Lola Aple.
Before she opened the gift, I asked Yan to read the note. It says: For Yan (Aly), We love you! Lolo Bernie & Lola Aple

Thank you Lolo Bernie + Lola Aple for my new rubber shoes! :) I love it!
And for me, a birthday gift from dad + mom. Oooh!
Wow! More bling! I was only expecting a bracelet because that's what mom told me so the earrings and necklace were definitely a surprise.
Thanks, dad! Thanks, mom! I love you!
Last, but defintely not the least, here's the pasalubong that the nyoras brought....
Ang pangkabuhayan showcase. Ang dami! Pwede na kami magtayo ni Yan ng sari-sari store sa balcony namin. Haha! Big thanks to the girls for all the pasalubong that you brought!
Unang araw pa lang yan. Watch out for more pictures of their Bangkok adventure in the coming posts!


NotASinnerNotASaint said...

wow! dami gifts. and that tuna baguette looks yummy.

Domestic Goddess said...

thanks, ri! don't worry, i'll prepare that for you when you visit us :)