Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last Woman Standing

Tita Dionne's flight was on Sunday night so she still had one more day to go around Bangkok. But before doing any lakwatsa, we went to church for the 11am mass. Then, we had lunch at Secret Garden. From there, we went to the dentist at BNH hospital to have Aly's lower front teeth removed. I know...the hospital is not tops on the sightseeing list, but we had to go before Aly starts school on Monday.

Tita Di took a photo of Aly. Naka-smile pa sya jan but later on she started crying and she never does that! She didn't cry during our last visit. Palibhasa may audience kasi. Stariray talaga!

After Aly's drama show at the dentist, we headed to MBK to buy school shoes and for Dionne's pasalubong shopping. They didn't have Aly's shoe size there, so Richard suggested that we go to Central World Mall.

Before doing any shoe shopping -- more like shoe hunting that is! It was difficult to find the right school shoes and the right size for Aly! -- we went straight to Swensen's for an ice cream fix.

Dionne loved her Strawberry Stripes Ice Cream!

Tita Di, halos kasing laki mo na yung ice cream :)

Still high from the sugar rush, we took more pics around the mall. Pose lang ng pose!

Tita Di also watched over Aly while she played at the Isetan play area. O dba, may instant nanny pa kami. Thanks, Dionne!

It was a fun Sunday afternoon! Thanks for being so patient with the visit to the dentist, looking after Aly, shoe hunting, and all. We will miss you Tita Di!

Photos grabbed from Dionne's Picasaweb page.

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