Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alyannah's Picture Gallery

As promised, here is my post showcasing the photos that Alyannah took during my birthday week. I will also include here other photos that she took over the past couple of months. You see, our little girl impressed her titas not only with her shopping/lakwatsa/lakaran endurance, but also with the photos that she took. So allow the stage mother to brag. Hehe!

When we bought a new DSLR, we gave our old Sony digicam to Aly, hoping that she will take interest in taking photos. I'm glad that she did! All we had to teach her were the basics on how to operate the camera -- how to turn it on/off, how to take a shot, and the like. She would also tinker with the camera on her own...blah, blah, blah...Ok, I know you're no longer interested in this because you want to see the photos already so without further ado, here are the photos that our future photographer, Alyannah, took with her digicam:

Let's start with her favorite subject, herself...

...then, she also discovered the mirror...

...she got more creative by taking photos upside down.

When Aly learned how to use the self-timer, it became her favorite.

Nung una, paupo-upo lang sya, tapos natuto din syang mag-pose...

...and to use a different angle.

Syempre, hindi pwedeng mawala si Becky, one of her favorite subjects.

She also likes these "you shoot me, I shoot you" pics...

This is one of my favorite pics because she was able to capture her lolo Bernie's smile.

Now, let me show you the photos that she took at the Grand Palace when our visitors were here.
Aly took these photos like a pro. She would kneel down to get a better angle, she'd wait for the other people to pass by, etc. She became a bit bossy too because she would bark orders to her titas like "stay there", "don't move", "stop", etc. She got carried away so I had to remind her to say "please" and to ask the titas nicely.
The next day, Aly also took photos of my birthday party at R&B Karaoke.
That's all for now! I will collect more photos so I can brag again. Hehe!
Before I close this post, here's one more look at our little photographer:
Great job, Aly! Mom and dad are very proud of you! *Hugs!!*
Notice how she also uses the viewfinder even if it's a point-and-shoot camera? Feeling naka DSLR din sya.


teacherpat said...

Wow! photographer in the making nga. May nalalaman pang mga angle.... hahaha.

Domestic Goddess said...

Kaya nga! Stariray talaga!