Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Little Shoppingera

There are two things that Yan and I share and that is our love for shoes and shopping. Yes, my five-year-old is fast becoming a shopaholic just like her mommy. One time, when I collected her from school, she was sitting on the playmat all by herself so her teacher asked her why she looked so sad. Her answer? "Because I want to go shopping." Both her teacher and I were surprised with her response. All Ms. Heather managed to say was, "already?". I was a bit embarrassed. The teacher might think I'm a bad mommy because I'm teaching my daughter about shopping at such a young age! So on our way home, I gave my dear daughter a short lecture which included stuff like: we cannot go shopping everyday, money does not grow on trees, and it's ok to stay at home most of the time, etc.

We did stay at home for a couple of weeks, so Yan and I went to Siam Square yesterday for some fresh air. My, oh, my...ang ganda naman ng timing namin kasi may sale pala dun! Actually, when we passed that area last week, I saw a huge sign at Mango that says 50% off and since then I've been itching to go there. Buti na lang naabutan pa namin hehe!

Here are some of Alyannah's new loot...
Outfit # 1: shirt from Zara and yellow sneakers from CPS.
Here's a closer look at the shirt -- it says, "How did I get so so so cute?"
Good thing I was able to convince Yan to get yellow sneakers. She wanted to get the pink one, but she has too many pink stuff already! She needs new color in her wardrobe.
Outfit # 2: tank tops from Zara.
Outfit # 3: green dress from CPS and gold gladiator sandals from Zara.
I love these sandals. They're so chica!
Outfit #4: pink dress from CPS and ballet flats from Zara.
So girly-girly!
Si Yan ang pumili ng lahat ng mga damit at sapatos na yan! When I see something that I like, I have to seek her approval first. If she likes it, I will buy it. If she doesn't, I'll put it back. Sometimes if she sees something that she likes, she will show it to me and the first thing that I will look at is the price and then I will decide if I will buy it or not. She likes going thru the racks and choosing on her own because it makes her feel like a grown up. Hay...my little shoppingera is slowly becoming a person na talaga. She has her own tastes, likes, dislikes...she makes her own small decisions like what she will wear today, what bag she will use, what she wants to order when we're in a restaurant... before I know it, she will be borrowing stuff from me!

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