Saturday, July 12, 2008

Loving the Weekend Market

We've been spending several Saturdays at the weekend market lately and I must say it's starting to grow on me. I used to hate going to Chatuchak because it's hot as hell, the toilets are dreadful and it's always cramped with so many people making "rubbing elbows" a very unpleasant experience because you are most likely to rub into someone's sweaty and sticky elbow. Sure there are lots of stuff that you can find there, if you know were to go. Looking for a good buy is like digging for the Yamashita Treasure because Chatuchak is huge and hard to navigate especially if it's your first time. So the trick is, if you see something that you really like, buy it right away but don't forget to haggle like there's no tomorrow. Don't even think about looking for another store that sells it for a lower price because chances are, you might not find the first store if you want to go back. This happened to me several times so I would end up going home tired, frustrated and without any purchases.

Well, I've learned my lesson and that's why I'm beginning to love Chatuchak. Here are some of the stuff that I have accumulated from my weekend market trips.

Green Ikea coffee mugs for only THB15 each.

Tray, THB150; roses in small pots, THB90 each; candles, two for THB100.

Whimsical candles, three for THB100. Notice the pink and violet theme? It's for Alyannah's bathroom.

Coffee-scented floating candles (great for eliminating kitchen odors!), three for THB100; glass container, THB10 each.

Oil burner, THB80; candles, THB90 + 45.

Wine glass, THB50 each.

Dansk serving bowls (same color as Ikea mug), THB15 each.

And for our latest discovery, the book ukay-ukay!

For Richard - current issues of Newseek, Forbes, Time, Fortune Magazine + two hardbound books, all for THB200.

For me - back issues of InStyle and Vogue Magazine, all for only THB160. I even spotted current issues of Vogue for only THB150 but that will be for our next visit.

Laundry hamper for Alyannah's bathroom, THB280.

Decorative wicker balls, THB20 each.

I simply can't get enough of the inexpensive home decor at Chatuchak! Richard loves the books that he found that are good-as-new at rock-bottom prices! We will definitely be coming back to the weekend market for more fabulous finds and cheap thrills.


Diwata said...

I love the hamper w/c can double as picnic basket!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

Correct! It comes in different sizes too. Super cheap pa :)

Nathan Soriano said...

Hey Kris !

I too have fond memories of the weekend market. If memory serves me right, that's were I blew almost THB 2K on Chi's "corporate" wardrobe. And this was before we got married AND had Maku ! BTW, the wicker balls are the Thai's version of our 'sipa', we likewise use the same kind of balls for 'sepak takraw' which I also think is included in the ASEAN games (siyempre magaling ang Pinoy dun kasi sanay tayo sa tanso & candy wrapper na sipa, di ba?).

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Nat! Sorry I just read your comment now (is there a way for me to know if there are updates on my blog? Super low tech kasi ko! Haha!).

Astig ng weekend market no? Ahlovit! So, if the clothes that you bought for Chi were before you got married and had Maku, that means hindi na kasya sa kanya yun. Shh...don't tell her I said that! Hahaha!

I didn't know about those wicker balls...kasi naman Chi and I used to play patintero and taguan lang before. The first and only time we had a fight was because hindi kami magkasundo on what game to play. Babaw!

Nat, Chi & Maku said...

hey kris, you may want to try this:

Domestic Goddess said...

Will check that. Thanks, Nat!