Monday, July 28, 2008

Catching Up With An Old Friend

Last Friday we met with Mike Bayot, an ex-Highlands colleague and husband of my good friend Janet. He used to be the MIS Manager of Tagaytay Highlands and now he's with The Four Seasons at Maldives. He's in town for a weeklong IT convention at The Four Seasons Bangkok. We took him to MBK for pasalubong shopping, trying our best to complete the list that Janet sent to me via email, then we capped the night off with dinner and chit chat.

It was a short meeting, but we enjoyed sir Mike's company very much. He had a lot of stories to share and the best part is, he gave us a couple of budget-saving tips on how to use the internet (wink, wink).

Sir Mike, we hope you enjoyed your stay! Let's do this again with your family. You are welcome to stay with us anytime :) Right, Alyannah?
You betcha!

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