Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Nyoras Are Coming To Town!

...And they will be here for my birthday!!

It all happened so fast! We were just chatting over the internet last Friday, then they set a coffee date on Saturday to talk about it, they booked their flight on Sunday and they sent me a message to confirm their trip on the same day!
Meet the gang!
The soon-to-be-visitors.
Chatting with Krisan online.
The tools: Brenda's laptop and coffee from Figaro.
That's me!
Mga miron sa kapihan.
These lovely ladies were my officemates at Tagaytay Highlands. We bonded over work, coffee, gossip and lots of picture taking. While most of us work for other companies now, the friendship still remains. I'm super excited and I am touched that they had planned to be with me on my birthday. Come to think of it, we're always together on my birthday! No miss. I can't wait to see you guys! See you soon!

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