Saturday, July 5, 2008

Safari World

I was invited by Alyannah's teacher to join them on their field trip to Safari World last Thursday. Allow me to share some of the photos that I took. Grab a snack because this is going to be a long read. Hehe!

Here are some shots taken inside the classroom while waiting for the other kids.

This is Yan's, este, Aly's seat...

...and these are her seatmates.

This is Meena and she will be Yan's field trip buddy.

Our ride.

Safari World has two areas: Safari World and Marine World. Our first stop was Safari World. This area reminds me of Jurassic Park minus the special effects. Upon entering the massive gates, you are welcomed into a savannah where you will see the animals in their (almost) natural habitat.

Here we saw birds...

.. a rhino and a camel after their mudwrestling match...

...a bird with a mohawk...


...more birds...


...even more birds...

...different kinds of deer...

This fella looked as if he was ready to ram into our bus!

As if you would be crazy enough to leave your car!

A peacock!

...more birds again...

...and again.

About to enter lion country! If you have been sightseeing with your car door open, now would be the best time to close them.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Ang mga leon.

Check out the peacock on top of the sign!

Syempre pag may lion, may tiger din. This is tiger country.

The sign says: "If your car breaks down sound your horn and wait". Sobrang malas mo naman kung dito ka pa masisiraan.

Ang mga tigre.

Back to the safer side of the savannah...

...where we saw more birds...


Holy cow!

Ang laki ng sungay!

The Himalayan Black Bear.

Chillax lang pre.

Gusto kong mag-swimming, sa balong malalim.

Look at the peacock in all its glory...

...too bad, when we got closer...

...inisnab kami.

After the Safari World tour, we headed to Marine World where the main attraction is not just the wildlife, but also...

...their toilet. Astig! \m/

Yan with her classmates...

...inside the award-winning public toilet!

Birds again?!? Kala ko ba marine world na to?

It was hot and humid inside the park. Good thing they had a mist system to cool you off.

More pictures around the park.

Gigantic M&M's!


Polar bear! Cool!

Yan's K2 teacher, Ms. Heather (in black), and assistant teacher, Ms. Note (in white).

Hanging bridge with the swans.

White tiger behind the girls.

After roaming around the park, we went to the stadium to watch the sea lion show.

Presenting! The Marine World Sea Lions! *splash*

...And the sea of humanity that came along to watch the show with us!*toinggg!*

Ang sea lion. Bow!

Here, someone from the audience throws a hoop and the sea lion catches it.

Balancing a beach ball...

...and an umbrella.

Watch the colored ball...

...they pass it...

...from one sea lion... another.

Jumping through a hoop...

...playing the role of a lifeguard...

...complete with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!

More tricks!

At the end of the show, the entire crew danced with the sea lions.

With Ms. Note and William.
Goofing around with the classmates.
One last pic at the entrance.
Time to go home!
Tired, but happy bunch.
No amount of Discovery Channel or Nat Geo can beat the thrill of seeing all those animals up close. However, the best part of the trip was -- no, it's not going to the best toilet of the year -- but being with my little girl and discovering new things together.


pat said...

WoW! Yan ang fieldtrip! Ganda naman!

Domestic Goddess said...

The place is nice! Too bad nga lang it rained after the sea lion show. Good thing they asked the kids to bring a raincoat.