Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Filipinos in Bangkok

We finally met some kababayans here in Bangkok! Thanks to my best cousin Chi who hooked us up with JM, her highschool friend, who lives with his family here. The Abuegs (JM, his wife Jenn and their cute daughter Jianna) invited us to a BBQ party where we met more Filipinos. Let me share with you some photos that we took during the party.
That's Alyannah chatting with our favorite parish priest, Father Dan.
Ang sarap ng pagkain! We had inihaw na liempo, barbecued spareribs, beef caldereta, pasta, salad, corn on the cob...I brought beef pot roast (thanks, mom for sending me the recipe!). For dessert we had chocolate fondue, super yummy carrot and chocolate cake. We probably gained at least five pounds from that party!
We also played this really cool board game about Pinoy pop culture called Mismo! and it was super fun! Tawa kami ng tawa. I hope the game will be available by December so we can share it with family and friends back home.

We had a blast! It was great to be in the company of our kababayans. Sabi ko nga, makarinig lang ako ng nagtatagalog masaya na ako. Hehe!

To JM, Jenn and Jianna, thank you for welcoming us into your group!

To Roby and Joy, thank you for welcoming us into your home!

To the rest of the group, thank you for the warm reception! It was a great party and we had a wonderful time. We hope to see you again soon!


teacherpat said...

Mismo! sounds like a fun game! ANg cute naman ng get-together niyo...parang miss na miss niyo na ang Pinas....

Domestic Goddess said...

It was really fun! Three of the guys there came up with the game. It's still under wraps because it hasn't been launched yet. I hope we can bring it home by December. I'm sure you guys will like it. Lalo na si Aris!