Monday, September 15, 2008

Bake-a-thon on a Lazy Sunday

Aside from shopping, crazy sales and a new pair of shoes, there are two other things that make me happy:

  1. When my husband comes home early from work unannounced, and

  2. Lazy afternoons at home with my husband and daughter.

Believe it or not, there are times when I would rather stay at home with my family than go to the mall. It's not because I'm sick or anything, it's just that there are days when I just want to chill and relax at home. On these rare occasions, I cook, as in cook all day -- breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, I'm on domestic goddess overdrive.

At syempre, since bago yung oven ko, ganado ako mag-bake. Here's the result of yesterday's bake-a-thon:

Mid-morning snack: Betty Crocker's fudge brownies.

Lunch: baked chicken rosemary with potatoes and corn.

Our original plan was to stay in the house until late in the afternoon, hear mass at 5:30pm and meet our friends for dinner at 6:30. But Alyannah started showing symptoms similar to that of conjunctivitis so we decided to just stay at home lest we infect other people, especially the other kids. Good thing I had more food prepared so we were happily baking all the way to dinner.

Our afternoon snack...

...which was prepared by our little chef.

Let's go check the pizza!

Looks like it's ready!


And to cap off our bake-a-thon, we had this for dinner: baked spareribs with BBQ sauce.

With all that food, we definitely have to work harder in the gym to shed off the extra pounds, but happy times like lazy Sundays with family makes gaining all those calories worth it!


NotASinnerNotASaint said...

krisan.... naglalaway na ako!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hahaha!! Ipagluluto kita ng ganyan pag nagpunta ka dito.

Mr. Bangkok Hotels said...

Your are good love couples. Congratulations.