Friday, May 2, 2008

Labor Day Pasyal

For our holiday pasyal, I insisted on going to Paragon Mall because they are having a big sale -- 15-60% off throughout the stores! So you can just imagine how excited I was. Shopping was suspended from Monday to Wednesday, except for our "practice round" on Wednesday where Yan and I went to Central Plaza for lunch as a treat for myself after ironing a ton of clothes in the morning. I had to fight the urge to buy this cute pair of sandals at Charles & Keith thinking that it might be on sale at Paragon. So you can just imagine how excited I was! My heart was beating faster as we approached the last turn leading to the mall.

En route to Paragon Mall.

But first, we need to eat lunch. Restaurant of choice: MOS Burger.

Dito pa lang gaganahan ka na.

Yan got the hotdog set...

...while Richard and I got the MOS Burger set.

Here's the MOS Burger up close. Looks yummy! I'm sure my brother Mick will love this.

The fries tasted like camote pero ok na rin.

Take note of the burger's wrapper...

...because this is what it's supposed to do. Genius! O, don't keep the burger waiting daw!

The burger was good, but we've tasted better (like my mom's homemade burger and this other burger joint at Central Mall!). The Japanese fine burger did not blow me away -- the patty did not taste like pure beef, and the tomato slice was too thick making it look like a tomato burger not a beef burger! Plus, the size of the burger makes it quite a challenge to eat without losing your poise so it's not exactly date material. Pero ok na rin considering the price. Our MOS Burger set was only Thb110 -- same price as McDonald's. The other burger joint at Central Mall (I forgot the name but Richard would always say it's Canadian Burger daw, but I don't remember seeing any Canadian word on it!) is more expensive -- Thb200+ per set, but you will fall in love on the first bite! As Richard would say, if it's expensive, it must be really good. If the price is cheap, don't expect it to blow your socks off!

After a so-so lunch, we went around the mall to check out the big sale! What can I say? It was VERY DISAPPOINTING! It did not live up to the hype! It was not a crazy sale as I expected. Only the department store offered discounts pero ang kuripot! The most was 20% and if ever there was 50%, it's the kind that you will not buy. Hay...nalungkot talaga ako kasi wala akong nabili except for Yan's Barbie shirt and toy, and a couple of stuff for the house -- oops, meron pala but these were not on sale so they do not count!! Oh well, at least I was able to exercise a bit with all the walking that I did!

So I finally gave up my search and accepted the fact na wala talaga akong mabibili. We decided to just walk around since we haven't really explored the entire mall yet.

We saw this pond at the ground floor and Alyannah insisted that we take pictures.

Then we went to Swensen's for a quick snack and to rest our tired feet.

For Alyannah, the Sweet Princess with strawberry, banana and cream ice cream.

For Richard, the Chocolate Tower.

For me, Fabulous Brownie :) I had to choose fast because the waitstaff was waiting. It was so hard to choose with so little time! So I used the eeny-meeny-miny-moe method. Haha!

After that, we went to the fountain area outside.

While the two are enjoying the fountain display, I went to the other mall, Siam Discovery. They were also having a sale and I was able to buy two pairs of shoes -- one at Substance, 20% off (sige na nga, kesa naman I go home empty-handed!) and at VNC (they did not have any sale on, but the one I still found a good buy!).

Also, at Paragon, we also discovered this huge bookstore, Kinukuniya, which Richard fell in love with. If the sight of rows upon rows of shoes and bags excite me, my husband gets thrilled when he sees endless shelves of books! He can spend hours in a bookstore! And the good thing about this shop is they can wrap your book in plastic cover for free!

We all went home happy with our new purchases. On the way home, Richard told me that this Sunday, maybe we should go to a museum instead of going to the mall for a change. Is there an underlying message in his statement? Is my husband indirectly trying to tell me to curb my shopping expenses? Hmmm...


Diwata said...

Yummy! Burger and ice cream... When u get back to the Philippines you should try WHAM burger. There's one in
Katipunan extension and another at Shangrila Shaw
blvd. Can compare it to our favorite burger joint in Cairns Australia. Sidney's (sic) is the name. Hanapin nyo places na 'to whenever you're ever in these areas. Hmmm... Just thinking about food has gained me another half kilo... Hayyy.. .HELLO YAN... HUGS to you!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hello Tr Dee! Yan and I are starting to gain weight na nga with all the cake and ice cream that we're eating! Good for her, not good for me. Haha!

Sige, we'll take note of the places that you mentioned :) Thanks for the tip!