Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday, 20 May, was daddy's birthday and he celebrated it Bangkok style. Well, I don't really know how they celebrate birthdays here in BKK but what did I mean when I said Bangkok style? It's a whole day of shopping ofcourse with a nice dinner and ice cream cake!

After breakfast, dad and mom went to the gym for a little exercise, while Yan and I waited at the playground. Dad always starts his day with a morning jog and before he came here, he was worried that he won't be getting any exercise for two weeks so he was happy to know that we have a gym at the fourth floor. I wasn't able to take their photo in the gym so I took their photo by the pool instead.

When we got back to our apartment, Yan surprised her lolo with a birthday gift!

It's a new cap!

After lunch, we headed to MBK for pasalubong shopping. Dad bought himself a new pair of Rayban shades at 30%, and mom got Emporio Armani shades at 50% off! They also bought shirts for my brothers (they liked the vintage shirts that I bought for them during my last trip so they asked mom and dad to buy them more). My sister Angel's one and only bilin was a psp so we also looked around for the best deal that we can get. Most of the stalls in MBK will give the same price for most of the items there (shirts, bags, belts, watches, psp, etc.) so you really need to haggle. Buti na lang expert dad ko tumawad. Not only did we get big discounts but we also got lots of freebies! Galing talaga ni dad! Hehe!

We went back to the apartment for dinner. We had Mom's super yummy adobo, and ice cream cake for dessert.

Yan, lolo Bernie and lola Aple are wearing matching Lacoste shirts.

Happy birthday, dad! We love you!


Diwata said...

Please pass on our Belated BIRTHDAY GREETING to your Dad. Pat and I greeted him in advance when we went to visit them in Tagaytay before they left for Thailand. So glad that they could spend the special day with you... My hug to Yan...

Domestic Goddess said...

Thank you, Teacher Dee!

Alyannah is super making lambing to her lolo. Guess she's trying to make up for the time they were apart. They're always together now, watching tv and stuff. Laging nakabuntot kay lolo Bernie nya :)