Thursday, May 22, 2008

There's No Cooking Like Mom's Cooking

My mom's cooking is the best in the world! She's the original domestic goddess and I'm just a wannabe. Hehe! One of her specialties is her morcon which is absolutely to die for! Sarsa pa lang, ulam na talaga. No family party is complete without it. I also love her lumpiang ubod. It's a dish that I can eat everyday and I will never get sawa. Everything that mom cooks is sure to be a winner. My siblings and I always look forward to the holidays because that's when mom whips her fabulous meals.

Before they flew to Bangkok, I asked mom if she can cook dinuguan for me here. I wasn't really a big fan of dinuguan before, but thanks to my husband (it's one of Richard's favorites), I learned to love it. Unfortunately, we couldn't find pork blood here. They only have the solid kind (much like liver) and I think the recipe needs the liquid kind. Trying to explain it to the staff at the supermarket is frustrating too. They probably think we're vampires for wanting liquid blood. Haha! So dinuguan is out, pero ok lang because mom has other yummy recipes up her sleeve.

We went to Tesco Lotus yesterday and mom gave me a refresher course on choosing meat, chicken and fish. I always thought that the fish that they have in the supermarket was not fresh enough so my poor husband and daughter have to no choice but to eat on pork and chicken since we got here. We only get to eat fish and seafood in the restaurants. But now, thanks to mom's expertise, I can include fish and seafood in our weekly menu.

At the lobby waiting for the "pimp my ride" shuttle bus going to Tesco Lotus.

The original domestic goddess in action.

Lola will cook fish! Yey!
Mom and dad went crazy over the mangosteen because it was super cheap and super sweet. Better than the ones that they buy in Tagaytay -- to think a lot of people back home troop to Tagaytay to buy fruits.
For the first time, napuno ang freezer namin. Mom is really gearing up for a major cookfest and I can't wait! Wherever in the world I may be, I will always be yearning for mom's cooking. And no matter how well I consider my cooking to be, I will never beat my mom's fantastic cooking.

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