Monday, May 26, 2008

Ancient City

The Ancient City, or Muang Boran, is the Thai version of our very own Nayong Pilipino. This 320-acre property is roughly the shape of Thailand, with 116 replicas of Thai monuments positioned relative to their exact location in the country. Muang Boran is located in Samut Prakan (same area as the Crocodile Farm), 40 minutes to one hour away from Bangkok. Entrance fee is THB300 for adults and THB200 for children. We paid an additional THB100 for our car and THB80 for the driver. You can join the tram tour or rent a bike or golf cart, but with additonal fee.

First, we visited the Floating Market.

Naaliw sila mommy sa calamansi plant na to kasi ang daming bunga.

The first vendor that we spotted. The real floating market probably has more vendors than the Ancient City.

For THB25 per person, you can take a boat ride where you will see not just the floating market, but different monuments located along the canal as well. The boatman is very nice even if he doesn't understand English. He was particularly fond of Alyannah because she was singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" throughout the trip! He probably did not understand what she was singing, but he was amused with the fact that she was singing non-stop.

Mom didn't want to ride the boat kasi baka daw tumaob. I was a bit scared too so I tried not to move too much and hung on for dear life. Hehe!

After the boat ride, we bought fish food for THB10. Alyannah enjoyed feeding them because they were scrambling for the pellets and some of the fish would even jump from the water.

From the Floating Market, we drove around the park. Sorry I won't be able to give the names of the monuments because the info on their website is not complete. I can't understand the map either.

Muang Boran is a nice place to take pictures. Be prepared to be exposed under the sun though and for a lot of walking. If you really want to look at all the monuments and replicas one by one, then allot half a day for your trip. It only took us a couple of hours because we just drove through some of the areas, stopping only at the ones that we thought were picture worthy. Hehe!

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