Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alyannah's First Contest

Meet the new jigsaw puzzle world champion -- Alyannah!!

Actually, she won third place but as proud parents (not to mention stage parents, haha!), we call her the jigsaw puzzle champ! To us, she's #1 :)
The contest was held last Sunday at Toys "R" Us in Central World Mall. Richard and Yan went to the mall to buy books -- sadly, I wasn't there to see my dear daughter's momentous feat because I was at the Platinum Mall shopping for pasalubongs, but my husband filled me in; describing the event with such passion that it almost felt like I was also there. He spotted the contest and quickly signed her up. Lakasan lang talaga ng loob for both Richard and Alyannah because she was the only foreigner among the contestants and she was the youngest! They barely understood the instructions so Richard told Yan what to do based na lang on what he understood. Well, it's a contest for kids five to 11 years old so how hard can it be, right?
There were four elimination rounds and our little champ won in all four that's why she made it to the finals. According to Richard, the locals were also cheering for our girl because they noticed that she was the youngest. Pero syempre yung daddy ang pinakamalakas mag-cheer. Seems like the locals were impressed with our little big girl.
Here's our champ in action...

Here's our girl receiving her prize from the mascot...

Alyannah's loot...

She won a new toy plus a gift certificate worth THB3,000 at the Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School.

My description might look exaggerated to some -- world champion pero third place naman pala -- but to the people who know our little girl, they will agree with us 100% that joining this contest is indeed a big leap for Alyannah. She used to be shy, quiet and introverted, but now she has completely changed. She's now friendly, very talkative, very brave (although she cried a bit when she found out that she was only in third place!) and outgoing. Before, you can't make her join contests like these; you can't even force her. But now, she didn't even hesitate! She is very competitive -- sometimes to a fault, that's why she cried when she didn't get first place (paging teacher Dee and teacher Pat, how can we work around this? Hehe!).
Every night, before we sleep, my husband and I would talk and our topic is usually about Alyannah. I'd share with him the things that she did during the day, the new things that she learned, etc. I am happy to be part of Alyannah's growing years, and I am happier to be loved by this little girl who brings so much joy in our life. She has this certain something that makes everyone around her crazy about her. My parents are crazy about Alyannah, even my relatives! They shower her with gifts and they all just want to hug and kiss her when they see her. Sometimes, when I tell Richard about Yan's achievements, I would get teary-eyed. You see, she may be my stepdaughter but I treat her as if she were my own. She may not be born from my tummy, but she was born from my heart.
Last night, when Richard and Yan went to 7-11 to buy some groceries for the house, she bought me chocolates. She told her dad to buy me Cadbury Roasted Almond kasi daw it's my favorite. How sweet is that? I never told her about my favorites. She probably just observed it. That's how smart our little girl is! And that's how malambing she is. Everytime we'd go out, she wants to buy pasalubong for everyone. Even for our family in Manila.
To our jigsaw puzzle world champion: your daddy and I are extremely proud of you! We love you, Alyannah!


pat said...

Wow! I'm sooooo proud of her! What you said is sooooo true.... Alyannah used to be super shy as in she used to hate having her picture taken. But look at her now! Posing to the max in ALL pics!

Before, she hardly participated in activities (whether in school or at parties), especially when there are plenty other kids, but now she has really blossomed. For her to join this contest with strangers and with the language barrier.... Alyannah has really improved by leaps and bounds. Credit talaga should go to the parents especially to Mommy Krisan.....i'm giving you a standing ovation with hooting pa for the love and care you continue to shower her. You know, she wouldn't turn out into a wonderful child if not for you. Remember what I told you before na based on my experience once i see the parents, i know right away why a particular child is like that. Kids are really a reflection of what happens at home. Alyannah clearly is in a happy home.

Credit rin to Richard for exposing Alyannah to such activities. Those puzzles are hard to do ha! Ang galing talaga ni Yan. Magaling talaga her spatial ability!

About the tears for being third place....she's really just a perfectionist (paging Richard---mana 'ata sayo)...but that's okay. You really just have to assure her being third, or second is okay...that not all kids can do what she did and that's special. For as long as she did her 101% percent, that's enough na.

I miss you guys.
Hugs and kisses to Alyannah.

Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks, Pat! You know, iba na talaga si Yan. Sometimes she'd really surprise me with the things that she says. She can pick up stuff and remember them easily. Lagi kasi nakatutok sa tv and she loves Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and Star World. Kahit hindi sya nakatingin sa tv, alam nya kung ano title ng show kahit naririnig lang nya. Memorize na nga nya yung mga commercial eh. Iba pala yung feeling when you see your child slowly growing up.

pat said...

You're both lucky in a sense na you're a stay-at-home mom and you get a chance to see your kid grow up talga....and si alyannah naman lucky rin kasi she has a mom who can guide her kahit minsan natatalakan siya :-) haha.

Domestic Goddess said...

Hahaha! You're right on both accounts! Haha!

Diwata said...


You're still #1 for the youngest division Yan! As long as you did your best there's nothing more that anyone ask.

Mommy Krisan and Daddy Richard thank you for showering Yan with so much love and for giving her the stability that she needs in her life. It's better to be a third placer and satisfied that you did your best rather than being perfect but miserable brought about by the pressure of the expectations of those around you. Continue showering Yan with love and she will do her best in everything to see you happy. That is her biggest motivation.

I am so sorry I did not get a chance to respond right away. Our wi-fi had a certification problem.

Please tell Yan that I am so proud of her.

Domestic Goddess said...

Thank you, teacher Dee! We share her success with you, and the other teachers at Kidcore. Thank you for helping us bring out the best in Alyannah.