Monday, May 19, 2008

Our First Visitors are Here!

The original domestic goddess (kanino pa ba ako magmamana?) and my daddykins have arrived, but our reunion was not as dramatic as I thought it would be because we were late! Their plane landed earlier than we thought so poor mom and dad were waiting at the airport for two hours. Yikes! Sabi nga ni mommy hindi pa daw ako nagbabago kasi hanggang ngayon late pa rin ako palagi. Hehe! Nevertheless, we were all happy to see each other. They were probably relieved that we finally got there. Haha! But seriously, when I saw my dad's warm smile from across the crowd, I immediately dashed towards him. I'm just super happy to see them!

First, we went back to the apartment to unpack. Mom brought me pasalubong like magazines -- chismis and Kris Aquino's magazine -- so I can be updated. The only english mags available here in BKK are Instyle and Cosmo but they're expensive! THB300-500. That's like the amount I spend for magazines in a month in Manila! They also brought polvoron -- yum! Goldilocks never tasted so good! Gosh, I miss all the goodies back home. I was thinking last night that when we go back, the first thing that we will do is eat Filipino food like dinuguan, pancit palabok, sisig, kare kare! Mom also brought Yan's supply of cheezwhiz, and I made bilin Kraft cheese as well. Another expensive item here -- one small pack is like THB100, which is like half the price lang in Manila. My bestfriend Pat also sent me grocery bags from Rustan's -- thanks, Pat! I almost bought Baggu or Envirosax online but I was having second thoughts because they're a bit pricey (due to shipping cost!). Yeah, I'm trying to do my part in saving the environment by saying no to plastic!

After mom brought out their pasalubongs, it was our turn to bring out our gift for mom.

Belated Happy Mother's Day, Lola! I love you!

Now, Yan and lola Aple have matching pearl earrings.

After a quick snack (we ordered burger and sandwiches), we headed to Paragon Mall.

I told my brother Jof that dad bought a car here and he almost believed me! Then I sent this pic. Syempre hindi na sya naniwala. Hehe!

Only men can appreciate cars talaga. Nagpakuha rin si Richard ng pic.

And another car here.

Then we went to Paragon Department Store where mom and dad bought shirts at Lacoste.

Grabe, ilang oras pa lang sila dito nag shopping na agad! Kanino pa ba ako magmamana? Hehe!

We also went to the Gourmet Market to buy groceries. Mom will be cooking dinner for us -- yey!! Missed mom's cooking so I'm so excited!

After that, we had dinner at MK Gold.
Happy to have mom and dad here!
Watch out for more pictures of mom and dad's Bangkok vacation!


Cherrie Cruz-Soriano said...

say hi to ninang aple and tito bernie for me :) miss you!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi chi!

Mom and dad said hi rin daw. Kamusta na daw kayo jan?

Cherrie Cruz-Soriano said...

we're all doing good! nat & maku are flying back to manila in june. so home alone uli ako for 2 months :(

check out - yn lagi tinitingnan ko for tsismisan!

Domestic Goddess said...

Uy, ok yun! Sige, puntahan ko yung pep. Naghahanap din ako ng chismis site eh. Hehe!

Richard might fly to Manila in June as well, but Yan and I will stay here kasi may summer school sya.