Monday, March 31, 2008

Day One in Bangkok

We're here!

After a three hour flight, we've finally landed in Bangkok. It was hard to leave Manila but seeing the excitement in Alyannah's face kept me going. This is my first flight with her and I know that we will be having a lot of new adventures together (more about that in the future posts).

For now, Alyannah will give you a tour of what we'll be calling home in the next 2-3 years.
This is my room!

I will be sleeping on this bed while my best friend Becky the Bear will share the other one with Angel Bear.

I can't wait to use my bathtub!

This is mom and dad's room.

Mom and Dad's shower.

Mom, can I use your bathtub too?

Our kitchen and laundry area. I hope mom knows how to operate this machine!

Becky said she likes the dining area. I like it too, Becky!

I like it here, Dad!

The Valdezes in Bangkok.

Now that you've seen our place, I hope that you will book a flight to Bangkok ASAP. We really miss everyone back home and we can't wait to have visitors!

For the meantime, keep on coming back to this blog for more updates on our new life in Thailand.


mayalvarez said...

Hi Mrs. Valdez,

I know u can adjust in ur new lifestyle there as a hands on mom and yan.. goodluck sis and i'm so hapi 4 u talaga and alam mo naman ang hirap eh inggitera ang mga lola mo d2..eto naiinggit na ako..i hope 1 day i'll be MRS. REYES official na... Bye for now and i'll find time to check your blog...regards na lang sa baby mo and hobby mo....

pat said...

Great pics! I knew you would enjoy the shopping. Supermarket pa lang yan, ha!

Is Becky the one toy you mentioned na dala ni Yan? hehe.

Excited na rin ako... sana i can visit you soon.

Domestic Goddess said...

Yup, maiwan na lahat wag lang si Becky. Katabi yun ni Yan sa plane!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi May! Darating din yan :) Keep in touch ok?